In line with the strong needs of high-level social education, our Department has integrated the long-term accumulated resources of all stakeholders and professional experiences since 2000, providing additional classes within an Executive Master Program of Textiles and Clothing, designed for the textile, clothing and fashion-related industries. Executives and entrepreneurs, in a series of practical training courses, are invited to teach in order to enhance the potentials of Taiwan’s textile, garment, and fashion industry-related businesses and design, so that the domestic textile and garment industry has a stronger development.

The educational objectives of the Executive Master Program of Textiles and Clothing are Training with integrated theoretical and practical capabilities of the fabric clothing professionals. Cultivate professionals with creativity, leadership and international outlook to meet the needs of today’s enterprises and society.

The curriculum focuses on a global vision, innovation and the fostering of humanistic concerns, to earnestly hope for the development of individuals with capable perspectives of enterprise spirit and innovation, social-caring management and operation.