@Meaning of Holistic Education

At Fu Jen holistic education in the broadest sense includes general human development and professional education. According to the Founder of our University, Cardinal Paul Yubin, holistic education comprises three kinds of learning:

to know the meaning of being human and ones relationship to fellow human beings (知人)

to know the way of relating to the material world or Nature (知物)

to know the Will of Heaven (知天)

We interpret the first learning to mean that, as educators, we must aim at a balanced development of all the dimensions of human nature including the physical, psychological, social, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and religious potential of each individual (知人).

Applied to textiles and clothing, we interpret the second learning to mean that we are to equip our students with adequate, up-to-date and integrated professional knowledge and know-how. (知物).

The third learning requires that we are to assist our students in acquiring a wholesome world view, philosophy of life and corresponding value system, rooted in the Ultimate Source of our being, providing the deepest motivation for all human endeavors.(知天)

Ways and means to implement holistic education:

Whereas the curriculum is an essential tool to implement holistic education, we try to make good use of many more ways and means to accomplish our purposes.

The means at our disposal are as follows:careful selection of faculty, guidance and counseling of students, constructive personal example, scholarships and reward systems, purpose-directed departmental and students’ activities, adequate facilities, equipment, libraries, clean and pleasant physical environmental, stimulating Department culture, interdisciplinary dialogue, cooperative industrial relationships, meaningful publicity (local, international), relevant research topics, projects and publications, participative leadership, effective communication among teachers and students, regular faculty meetings to exercise and maintain a unified vision of our educational task and mission, annual evaluation of past performance, interaction with the TC Alumni Association.