@Best Learning Plan for You

Student activities throughout the years are organized on various levels: Student Association level, Department level, College level, University level, Inter-University level, National and International levels.

As far as the Department is concerned, some of these activities are more directly related to the achievement of our educational goals and hence form an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The most important among them are:

◎Industry Visits

Well-planned visits to textile and garment factories as well as related trade associations, institutions and centers are systematically built into the academic program.

◎Field Experience

A one-month supervised, industrial experience program during summer vacation is offered to all Junior students.

◎Fashion Seminars:

Fashion trend analysts are invited on a regular basis offering audio-visual seminars providing color, fabric and style forecasts to all students every season.

◎Design Contests

There is ample opportunity to participate in various departmental, national and international design contests related to fabric; fashion; accessory design; art and crafts; fashion photography as well as fashion advertising and promotion in which our students, alumni and teachers take part successfully every year.

◎Graduation Activities

Every student is required to be involved in at least one of the following:

Degree exhibition and portfolio display (Textile Design students mainly)

Degree fashion show and portfolio display ( Fashion Design students mainly)

Research thesis (Textile and Fashion Marketing students mainly)

These activities offer plenty of opportunity to foster teamwork and encourage students to engage in cross-Section cooperative projects. Graduation Design Project Catalogues and a Research Theses Reference Books are produced annually by Senior students to demonstrate their achievements and introduce themselves to potential employers.