◎A Building of Our Own

The Department is located in a new, six story building plus basementspecifically designed for textiles and clothing educational purposes, occupying an area of 9000 square meter. It was largely funded with the generous support from Chung Shing Textile Co., Ltd. and named Chao Yun Building in honor of the late President of the Company.

The great advantage of having a building of our own is to make it easier to create an educational environment and atmosphere conducive andexpressive of our own TC Department Culture. Mutual consideration, friendliness, cooperation, punctuality, order, cleanliness, careful and economical use of supplies and resources are values and virtues which are learned more by way of mutual encouragement and personal example than through classroom teaching.

The co-creation of a supportive environment and atmosphere for holistic human development depends on students and faculty alike and requires daily effort.

◎Well-Equipped Laboratories

As has been repeatedly testified by graduates who went abroad for further studies, be it in Europe, the USA, Japan or elsewhere, our equipment and facilities are comparable to the best of similar institutes anywhere in the world. A total of 22 laboratories include the following:

Art and Design Studios

Textile Science and Performance Testing related Laboratories

Four Fashion Design and Technology Laboratories

Four Textile Design and Technology Laboratories

CAD – CAM Computer Laboratories

Two Fashion Photography related Laboratories

Fashion Accessories Laboratories

◎Libraries Facilities

Fu Jen University’s two major librariesrelevant to our students: the Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts Library, and the Social Sciences Library.

The Department alone, however, procures as many as 65 professional magazines and related publications on a regular basis.

Of special importance to our students and faculty are the following off-campus libraries:

The Taiwan Textile Federation ( TTF ) General Library, and the Design Center Library

The China External Trade Development Council ( CETRA ) Library

Life and Religion Student Center

As a Catholic University, Fu Jen is particularly concerned about the spiritual and religious dimension of human development. Each college has a Religious Affairs Student Office located on its premises. Its task is to promote students in their spiritual development, assisting them in their search for life’s meaning and religious orientation by means of and values.of the Counsellor in charge to interest, discuss and advise students on topics, and problems related to life and its meaning and assist students in their religious/spiritual search and development. It is an open-door meeting place for students of various religious denominations as well as for anyone who needs a listening heart, a helping hand, or a friend in need.


The department, occupying an area of 9000m², is located in a six-storied building, plus a basement, specifically designed to fit its own educational purposes. It was largely funded with generous support from the local industry in recognition of the Department`s successful efforts to produce graduates that meet their needs for professionally trained and holistically developed individuals.

General Facilities:• CAD laboratory• Resource Library• Fashion Practice Store
• TC Gallery• Audio-visual Auditorium• Fashion Square

Textile Design Section Facilities:• Laboratories for Knitting, Weaving and Printing
• Design and Technology, including Digital Printing
Fashion and Accessory Design Section Facilities:• Fashion Design Studio
• Laboratories for Fashion Technology, Draping,• Clothing Ergonomics, Fashion Accessory Design,
and Technology
Textiles and Fashion Marketing Section Facilities:• Performance Testing and Textile Science Laboratories
• Fashion Practice Store,• Fashion Photography Studio,• Textile Performance and Evaluation Laboratory
• Global TC Retailing & Branding Management,•Computer Laboratory

B1_Knitting Laboratory                                                               B1_Fashion Photography Studio

3F_Tetxile Science Laboratory                                                    3F_Performance Testing Laboratory

5F_Fashion Design Studio                                                           5F_Weaving Laboratory