Executive Master Program of Textiles and Clothing

In line with the strong needs of high-level social education, our Department has integrated the long-term accumulated resources of all stakeholders and professional experiences since 2000, providing additional classes within an Executive Master Program of Textiles and Clothing, designed for the textile, clothing and fashion-related industries.

Our Mission

The Department of Textiles and Clothing at Fu Jen University was founded in 1970 as the first bachelor’s program. In 1976 the Department created three majors which eventually became officially approved Sections.


At Fu Jen holistic education in the broadest sense includes general human development and professional education.


Our students are relatively optimistic about employment opportunities after graduation. They work in industry, business, government, R&D sectors, and in the educational field, depending on their individual interest and area of specialization.


Student activities throughout the years are organized on various levels: Student Association level, Department level, College level, University level, Inter-University level, National and International levels.


Considering the economic importance of our heavily export-oriented textile and fashion industry to the local economy, and its overall thrust of moving away from OEM to ODM and OBM, we feel assured that our graduates are the kind that are, and will be, needed now and in the future.


The department throughout its 43 years of existence has intensively fostered and benefited from cooperative relationshipswith textiles factories, fashion companies, related professional associations, research centers, and governmental institutions. Multiple cooperative relationships with industry and government have brought mutual benefits.


The Department is located in a new, six story building plus basement specifically designed for textiles and clothing educational purposes